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Monday, April 4, 2011


Let's go! For today I have you the answers of A stylish girl posts her own outfits. Enjoy her answers!

Πάμε και σήμερα! Να οι απαντήσεις του Μια stylish blogger ''ποστάρει'' εδώ τα outfits της.

Where are you from?.
I'm from Ghana but London based
- How old are you?
-How did you decide to create your blog?
I was in fabulous mood at the time my blog was created, so I went for a Kimora Lee Simmons look.
-How did you pick your blog’s name?
Well, I get told am suave a lot. So I figured to add delights to show all the suave delights(stuff ) I like.
-What is your current occupation apart from blogging?
I'm a student at the moment, and a sales Associate during the weekends.
-Do you want to make blogging a profession, would like to work in the fashion industry or pursue another career?
I would love to work part-time as a stylist,or personal shopper if the oppurtunity arises in future.
-What aspect of fashion does your blog have to do with?
My blog deals with most aspects of fashion as I have a versatile style. My blog talks not just fashion, but anything I find intriguing.
-Is blogger’s community competitive in your country or do you cooperate easily with other bloggers?
I can't say as I don't know but what I do know is that, everyone tries their best to produce content as it is what attracts subscribers. So far so good.
-What is fashion in your life?
Fashion in my life for me, is about being creative, it's a therapy for me, and a hobby.
-Who’s your favorite designer?
This is difficult but I will go with Coco Chanel, so classy and stylish.
- What are your favorite brands when going for shopping?
I love Gabor, Dior and some not so luxurious brands like Jessica Simpson, Betsy Johnson and the likes.
-Do you prefer high fashion shopping or cheaper shops?
I like a bit of both as I don't think I can afford to dress high fashion top to bottom at this point in my life. I cut my coat according to my size.
- What are your personal spring must-haves?
Fedora, wedges, water, hair accessories, floral dress, maxi dress,Jumpsuit, a weaved bag and oh a citrus perfume.
-What’s your dream bag?
The classic chanel vintage bag
-What’s your dream pair of shoes?
Anything by Christian Lacroix, Barlenciaga or Miu Miu
- What do you seek when having a look at fellow blogs?
I look for personality, humour, style and interesting content. I dislike when bloggers copy each other resulting in similar posts and style ugh not cool at all.
-Would you like to change something at your blog?
Not really, am happy with my blog as it is for now.
-Would you like to change something at my blog?
umm yea perhaps the banner as it doesn't do much for your blog in my opinion.
- Do you use social networking for promoting your blog? Is it effective?
I'm trying to lay low so I don't really use social sites but I do tweet posts once in a while.
-Spring trends. Love them or hate them. (Lace, Androgynous Look, Maxi Dress, Maxi Skirt, Pajama pants)
-Does size have an important role when coming to being a style icon?
Not at all. I feel like it's not and it should not be. Not everyone has to skinny dip, chunky dunk is just as good.
Thank you so much for your time.


  1. teleiooooooooo!sigxaritiria gia t blog!fadastikooooo :)))))
    Follow us and we would love to follow you too..Keep blogging honey!!!
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  2. Thats very sweet of you to create such interviews! Really great idea and the choices have been great so far - love both of your hosts!
    Marusya V

  3. thats a very cool interview.. i liked the questions and da answers dat popped up.. good work Sofia n Rhoda