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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Every city has it's own fashion identity and London is no exception. Milan is super trendy, Paris is super vintage and Brussels is super chic.In fact London really broadens yur fashion horizons, because it's nothing of these and all of them together. Here there are no fashion rules. You can wear heels or you can wear no shoes at the library and still be fashionable. You may choose not to be fashionable and nobody minds... I will surely miss London and it's simple way of fashion thinking.

So yesterday I went for some window shopping in Covent Garden and the results of my stroll are here for you.

1) Colour, colour, colour. I could nowhere find black or grey clothes... London fashionistas and London shops seem to love orange and yellow dresses and colourful pants.

2)Maxi skirts. I am totally in love with maxi skirts and I saw some of the most amazing ones here. Transparent beige or colour skirts are everywere waiting for me.

3) Boyfriend shoes. Girls turning into men... No no no... Girl here are being more chic than everytime when they are wearing their boyfriend shoes and I ll surely buy some for myself!


  1. agapo ta xromata!!!latreuo tis maxi foustes...k ta papoutsakia ta sigkekrimena,dn leo na ta apoxoristo!poli kales epiloges...

  2. woww lovely post! the colors are inspiring : )

  3. I know! I love London too! people dress more fun and creative.x