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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


No I m not having a swim or getting tanned in a gorgeous greek island... I am doing something better, I am in London. I have not got my laptop with me so you will have to wait for some photos of my outfits and also for some posts in greek also, as I am not allowed to change the language at the library PCs. I have had a great deal of walks in London and I have focused on some specific London trends. So I decided to tell you what's hot fashion in London right now.

1) Tom's Shoes. They are everywere: in the shops, in men, in women, in girl and boys. They are like a hugeeee fashion hit here.

2)Vintage dresses. Oh I I am in love with British girl's dresses. I don't know if they match my style, but they seem made for British girls. They are full of flowers and patterns which look soooo vintage. I think I have to try one for myself...

3) Small Bags. Huge bags are officially dead in London. Everyone here is just holding a small vintage or not bag. Mulberry bags, Longchamp and Chanel for the richer ones are those mostly seen in the streets.


  1. koukla m kala na peraseis!!!iperoxo to londino!!!teleio post..perimenoume k ta ipoloipa!

  2. t agapw olaaaaaa!teleiaaa.have fun in london!!!